Efficient new building standards

It is important to set standards in new building. And one of the most important ones is the Energy Efficiency or just the care for the environment, which is very popular nowadays.

But what means this?

At Mallorca Property Home we build energy efficient homes, which means that the process of planning, development, building and fitting is considered at a whole from the energy point of view. Our energy efficient techniques in new construction go from the implementing of a whole building systems approach, designed to provide a significant reduction of the energy need for heating and cooling, up to the necessary equipment for this. Our aim is to meet the Energy Star requirements for sustainability, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards, and the International Construction Code (IgCC).

In other words, to build properties that help the environment and also you by reducing the expenses in energy.

A sus­tain­able design aims to lessen depletion of critical resources like land, water, energy, and raw materials. Sus­tain­able design of facil­i­ties and infra­struc­ture also averts the destruc­tion of the ecosystem.To achieve this, we focus on whole building approaches, passive solar home design, continuously isolation and other techniques.

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