Reasons to live in Mallorca

In contrast with the Spain mainland urban atmosphere, the vast majority of the places in Mallorca are dominated by nature,  mountains, and of course the sea and the beach. Mallorca is one of the main touristic destinations in Europe, but the island is still capable of offer a lot of quiet spaces, nature and sports activities, as well as shopping, culture and leisure.

The Tramuntana mountains are the most important mountains at the island and define the aspect and the views of many of the towns along the north and west side. Some of the places and viewings are just stunning. On the opposite, the east coast offers large, paradisiac beaches and a more resort feeling. The center of the island is quite flat, but offers many nice tows and places to live.


Probably the best thing living in our island is that you can live in the area you prefer, but it takes normally less than an hour to visit any place of Mallorca. Just a quick trip and you can visit cultural places, practice a vast quantity of sports, or just hang out and enjoy the beach, the mountains or a shopping day.

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